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High Speed Rail or HS2 is a government project which will link London to Birmingham and then on to Manchester and Leeds.

Compulsory Purchase

Due to the nature of this project many homes will be affected along the route. Some will be compulsory purchased by the Department of Transport for demolition. Those property owners affected have already been notified.


Do you live close to the proposed Route?

Most properties affected are in rural locations. Depending how far your property is from the proposed route will determine whether or not you are eligible for one of the compensation schemes run by the Government.



HS2 Compensation
There are a number of schemes available to home owners from outright purchase to possible compensation payments for the blight caused by the rail link.


Getting Help

HS2 Help
If you or someone you know thinks that their property may be affected by HS2 then we at Paul Carr Estate Agents can help. We have already successfully negotiated the sale of a number of properties to the Department of Transport and have more in the pipeline. Director Mark Bentley is an expert in this field and will personally advise and then oversee any sale of your property to HS2.


Do I need to live in the Midlands to Get Help?


- If your property is located anywhere along the route of HS2 from London to Birmingham or from Birmingham to Manchester or Birmingham to Leeds we can help.


FREE consultation

For a FREE initial consultation to determine your possible eligibility call Paul Carr Exclusive & Rural Homes on 0121 308 5511 or email


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